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We Are Your Oil Change and Emissions Test Specialists in Willimantic, CT

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1605 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
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The owner and his crew are ready to greet you when you come to Foxy Fast Lube. We promise to be courteous, take your order for services promptly, and answer your questions. We believe it's foxy to give our customers as much TLC as we give their vehicles.

Left: Each member of the Foxy Fast Lube crew proudly wears the official Foxy Fast Lube T-shirt when servicing customers and working on their vehicles.
At Foxy Fast Lube,
We're Ready to Listen

Any technician who works on a vehicle treats it like his own. We may call ourselves Foxy Fast Lube, but we are thorough when we do an oil change or perform an emissions test. We pay attention to all the things that matter from the proper way to open the hood to putting the oil cap back on after we fill up with fresh quarts of oil.

Left: Each member of the Foxy Fast Lube crew knows the best way to service every American and imported vehicle that comes to the garage. We only turn our backs when we're under the hood.
At Foxy Fast Lube,
We Do Clean, Quality Work
Think You're Foxy Enough to Do It Yourself?
If you don't have the proper training to perform an oil change, you might not save money in the long run. You could damage both your vehicle and the environment.
Foxy Fast Lube Willimantic CT
Foxy Fast Lube will change your oil faster in Willimantic CT